Our services include:


Equipment Repairs


Water Testing

Tile Specialist

Complete Parts Department

Omni Chemicals


Upgrade Features

Toys and Games



Acid Washes


Lights and Electrical

Pumps and Filters

Backyard Accessories


Layout and Excavation

Safety Equipment

Weekly/Monthly Maintenance

Leak Detection and Repair



Weekly/Monthly Pool Maintenance:

Are you tired of the hassles involved with maintaining your swimming pool? Why not consider letting our professional pool service technicians take the worries out of owning a swimming pool. We offer a weekly or monthly pool care package that will take care of all your needs:

1. Backwash Filter
2. Check and balance your water chemistry.
3. Vacuum pool bottom, skim surface, and brush walls.
4. Empty skimmer/pump baskets, automatic cleaners.
5. Inspect Equipment
6. Clean debris off pool deck.

We know that you want more from your pool service than just a clean pool. You want to know that your pool service will be reliable and dependable, that your equipment is working properly, and that yoiur questions will be answered promptly and professionally. We are a complete pool and spa service and repair company. Our qualified technicians are trained in all aspects of pool and spa repairs and service.

Need a baby sitter? Leaving town for a few weeks? Going away on business? We can “baby sit” your pool while you’re away. Give us a call to arrange short-term service.